Thursday, October 13, 2011

My beauty MUST haves!

Hello again, I know it has been a LOOONNG while since I last posted. Things have been at the very least, chaotic! So please forgive me! But coincidentally its Thursday again and I like to post about things I love on Thursdays so this week I thought I would share my beauty loves! I love each and every one of these products and use them regularly! I could go on and on about beauty tips and advice but I will save that for another day ;)
I am absolutely 100% a die-hard user of Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer! It comes with 2 different shades (I wear shade SC-1) I use the lighter color under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose and on the point of my chin as a highlight and the darker shade to mask any blemishes or uneven skin tone. I also use the darker shade on my eyelids to even out the color and as a primer for my eyeshadow. I do not wear foundation I only wear this! LOVE IT! Seriously people you HAVE to try this stuff, it's heaven sent!   

Next is Kat Von D's autograph eyeliner! I have been using this stuff for years and still have not found a better liquid eyeliner! I literally wear cat eye eyeliner everyday so I need an eyeliner that is precise as well as long lasting and that's exactly what this little guy is! Be warned though, if you aren't used to liquid eyeliner or have been known to not have the most steady of hands PROCEED WITH CAUTION! If this stuff gets in your eye it WILL burn and it WILL make your eye tear up and turn all shades of red! 
*For a pencil eyeliner I use Make-up Forever Kohl eyeliner (it's brand new and can be hard to find tho)

Oh Christian Dior, let me count the ways I love thee! Well to start with I LOVE Dior's eye shadow! UH-MAY-ZING! This little wonder is jam packed full of pigment and goes on nice and smooth WITHOUT all the drop offs that land under your eye! I HATE that! Then when I go to wipe it off it just smears all across my face! :/ ANYWHO! This stuff is amazing but is pricey, so don't love it TOO much ;) I have a few pallets and do not use them everyday anymore, because they are running out and I can't for the life of me find my favorite purple color! WAAAH! :'( As a side note, if anyone can recommend a good matte deep purple color I would GREATLY appreciate it! 

Mascara's are kinda a lost cause for me... I am not a fan of any of them actually...I have yet found one I love! However I do partially love this one! haha I want a mascara that not only thickens my lashes but doesn't clump too much and when it dries it CANNOT make my eyelashes hard! That's disgusting and also a good way to determine a cheap mascara from a high-quality one! This one leaves my lashes nice and smokey black and super thick! The applicator is one of those plastic jelly ones which I LOVE! Best advancement in make-up in the last 10 years! The other mascara I use is Bad Gal Lash and the only thing I DO NOT like about that one is it dries up too quickly and I find myself buying a new tube  WAY too often! 
*You are supposed to buy a new mascara every month ladies! Yup, that's right EVERY MONTH! I bet most of you have had the same tube for close to 6 months! Throw it out and get a new one ASAP!

My ALL time favorite lip gloss is Sephora brand ultra something lip gloss! My color of choice is a very pale nude/baby pink! It smells like grape candy and isn't sticky or slimy! It is just a gloss so unfortunately it doesn't last very long but it looks great in pictures!! :)

And last but not least is my dear friend Olive Oil! I love olive oil for making my Grandma Margie's salad dressing, for dipping french bread in, for my hair and also my face!! After I wash my face, instead of using my regular (Aveeno Daily Moisture) moisturizer I use a little bit of olive oil! I only do this about twice a week but it makes my skin feel SO SO SO SO soft! Like baby butt status! You smell like a salad for a little while, but trust me it's ALL worth it!! I recommend this to people who are aging and worried about wrinkles and also to people with dry or even combination skin. I am oily on my t-zone but fairly dry on my cheeks and I slather this stuff ALL over and I have never had a problem with being too oily or shiny. Always start off with just a little and if you notice your skin is drinking the stuff up, apply a little more! I usually apply it at night so my face has a chance to soak it all up before I wake up and slather it with make-up, but I have also used it right before I apply my make-up and it works great either way!

Well I hope you guys have found some inspiration to try some new products and if you have any beauty or hair questions feel free to ask! After all, I AM a professional ;)